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Eastern Wisdom Mahjong solitaire

If you like calm and measured tempo of the game, if you are ready to think over each move for a long time and try on different variants of development, then Mahjong solitaire game is for you! 
If you want to learn patience and calculate a situation a few steps ahead, welcome to the fabulous world of Mahjong solitaire.
Mahjong solitaire is played in the best Eastern traditions that honor attention, patience, concentration and planning. 
Mahjong solitaire game trains memory and concentration. After some time of training you will notice improvement of planning skills, strategic thinking, logic.
Original design of the game immerses you in a relaxing atmosphere, pleasant music tunes to the solution of an ancient Chinese puzzle. No one is in a hurry anywhere, there is only you and your game at your own pace.
Mahjong solitaire game is available online, anytime you can dive into this unusual game. Play anywhere for free and without registration.

History of Mahjong solitaire

Mahjong puzzle comes from China, the basis of the card game 18-19 centuries, where the layout used a deck of 120 or 150 cards. Cards were gradually replaced by tiles and kits for playing Mahjong began its march around the world, winning the hearts of new players. 
In the 20th century, the first computer version of Mahjong solitaire was developed. The game is designed for one person and has simpler rules than the original Mahjong. For Mahjong solitaire as well as in the classical version uses 144 tiles, stacked in five tiers in the form of a figure of the turtle. Mahjong solitaire has kept the traditional symbols on the tiles, use several groups of images: point, symbol, wind, dragon, seasons, flower, bamboo. 
The game was a success with users, it has been adapted for different platforms, and in the 90's included in the operating system Windows. And millions of fans of Chinese puzzle game in our time spend hours for your favorite game.

Title of Mahjong solitaire

In 1981, Bordi Locard created a computer version of Mahjong solitaire, which uses Mahjong tiles, based on the ancient Chinese game "Turtle. More often it is called Shanghai Solitaire, and in Windows versions it can be found under the name Mahjong Titans or Taipei.

The aim of the game

It is necessary to disassemble the figure, composed of tiles on the playing field. You collect paired tiles with similar images and remove them from the field. Often the game gives you a certain amount of time to pass, and you should try to fit into it.


Mahjong solitaire is a difficult game that requires your full attention. There are many different versions of the game. A wide variety of shapes of pieces and different images on the tiles are offered. Start learning with simple pieces where the tiles are arranged in a single row. 
Many games have a timer, you need for a given amount of time to completely disassemble the figure.
To facilitate the task there are hint functions, which are very important at the initial stage of learning the game. 
At first it is difficult to understand the symbols, there are very similar images, requiring your utmost attention and concentration. Press the hint button and you'll be shown matching pairs of tiles on the playing field.
You can also shuffle the remaining tiles if you don't see any more available moves. You can shuffle the tiles using free attempts or buy the feature for 500 points.
The undo function, will return the tiles collected in the pairing back to the figure. 
Find a difficulty that suits you, use the hints and solve this fascinating puzzle.

Shell game

The classic Mahjong solitaire layout is the turtle-shaped figure. The layout is 144 tiles from which you assemble 72 pairs. The tiles are arranged in five levels and it turns out that some of the tiles are closed. The task is to open the tiles, collecting pairs and try not to lead the game to a dead end.
Mahjong offers a huge selection of layouts in the form of original pieces of different levels of difficulty. You will always be able to choose an interesting puzzle for yourself. 

Mahjong solitaire tiles

Before you start the game, you need to get acquainted with the images on the tiles. After all, some of the tiles on the playing field do not have a pair and combine them by group. This knowledge will help you a lot in the game.
All tiles for the Mahjong solitaire game are combined into groups.

The older tiles are:

Dragon (white, red, green)
Wind (north, east, south, west).

The oldest tiles in the game bring the most points. Usually there are four pairs of each species in a layout.

Basic tiles:


The largest number of tiles of this group on the playing field. Also in the layout of four pieces of each type, collect pairs of tiles by value. Be careful, the differences between the tiles of this group are sometimes minuscule.

Additional tiles:

Seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall)
Flowers (plum, bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum)

Each tile in this group is in one piece and combines with each other. For example, spring will pair with summer and bamboo with orchid. 

Rules of the game

Find a similar pair of tiles, click on each one. A pair of matching tiles will be removed from the playing field. It may not happen, study carefully the details of the image tiles, they may be different. If you have difficulty matching a pair, click on the hint button.
You can only pair open tiles that are free on both sides. If there is another tile on the side, you can't move it. The tile is blocked, try to free it, find a pair for the neighboring tile. Also, the tile should not be closed on top of another tile. 
Usually there are four tiles of the same kind on the playing field, think with which tiles it is reasonable to pair. Give preference to the move that opens the closed tiles. 
All tiles in the flower group are matched and can be paired together. 
All tiles in the seasons group match each other and can be paired. 
Start disassembling the tiers of the figure from the top of the turtle shell and tail, there are many closed tiles under the shell, you will get to the blocked ones and get new options for pairing. 
Give preference to breaking long horizontal lines, high pyramids, the most difficult places of the figure, where there are the most blocked tiles. 
If you see three identical tiles on the playing field, choose the pair that will give you access to more new tiles. 
If you see four identical tiles on the playing field that are free to play, remove them from the field. Collecting pairs will unload the playing space and unlock new tiles. 
When you have already made the wrong move, click the undo button and return the collected pair to the playing field. 
If you can't see the paired tiles, use the hint feature. 
If the game is deadlocked, shuffle the tiles on the playing field; you can usually do this up to five times per game. After shuffling the tiles, carefully examine the new layout and assess the possible moves. Take your time, Mahjong solitaire is not a game that requires speed and reaction. 
When you completely disassemble the piece and there is not a single tile on the playing field - you win!


Evaluate the location of tiles on the playing field, think through your possible moves. How they will benefit your game.  
Start dismantling tiles long horizontal lines first. That's where a lot of the right options are blocked.  
Look for identical tiles next to each other. One tile in a pair often blocks another, you need to free it. Find the third tile from the group and collect the pair, otherwise the game will come to a dead end. 
Be careful of the tiles lying on top of each other, they may have the same value. It is necessary to find the third tile from the group and free the lower one. So always try to open the closed tiles. 
Do not rush to remove a couple of tiles lying in plain sight. Quite often you may need them in the process of disassembly. 
Try to collect pairs of tiles from different tiers of the figure. 
Actively use help in the game. Fix the situation with the undo and shuffle buttons. And the hint button will always show the available pairing option, which is especially important when first getting to know the game. 
The game is deceptively simple at first glance; you might think it's very easy to collect pairs in the game. But very quickly you will come to a standstill, you need a strategy. 
Count your moves a few steps ahead, without this rule it's impossible to win the game. Before each move, evaluate its usefulness: what new tiles will open up, what new choices will appear, won't your move bring the game to a standstill 
There are many recommendations and strategies for playing Mahjong solitaire, but each player develops his own personal system for winning the puzzle. Of course, the system takes shape after quite a few puzzles have been won. A new player should learn the rules, heed the recommendations, and study the images on the tiles carefully.

Points System

During the game, points are awarded for the collected pairs. You get the most points for pairs of tiles of the seasons group, then flowers, dragons, wind, bamboo, symbols and dots. 
Some computer versions do not have a free tile shuffle feature, the player has to buy it for 500 points. This is possible if he has already managed to accumulate the necessary points, making pairs of tiles. But more often than not, this function is free.
On the basis of the points are ranked the best players.
In Mahjong solitaire competition between players, create a level playing field. Players take apart the same pieces. He who finishes the game earlier wins.

Probability of Success

In the computer version there is a probability of decomposing each of the proposed layouts. Success depends entirely on your attention, concentration, and visual memory. Start your training with simple figures, where all the tiles are in plain sight. It will be easier for you to orient yourself and calculate the possible moves. Great help extra features hints, especially in the first games, when the characters on the tiles little familiar.

Mahjong solitaire excellent brain training. The perfect balance of relaxation and work. Spend your time relaxing with good for your mind. Give preference to the ancient Chinese entertainment.