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Solitaire Klondike is one of the oldest card games. Invented it in the early 19th century, when America was a ban on gambling. Kanfield entrepreneurial player invented the game Solitaire Klondike. Organized in his club game Solitaire for money with interesting rules: for the opportunity to play you had to buy a deck of cards and start solitaire. The winnings were given for each $5 card placed in a box. It was a variation of solitaire turn 3, and it was extremely difficult to win the game. The lucky one who was able to complete the layout with a victory was awarded $500, but there were very few of these. The game was a real gold mine for Canfield, became incredibly popular with the people and his club has grown into a network of gaming clubs. 
And 100 years later, Microsoft launched the game Klondike solitaire in Windows with a simple name solitaire. Different versions and additional conditions appeared, making it more difficult to win. You can play for time, set the number of layouts of spare cards, use the function of canceling the move.
Today the game is in any computer and does not lose its appeal, because in this, simple at first glance, the game can spend more than one hour.

Klondike Solitaire variations

There are currently several variations of Klondike solitaire: Agnes, Easthaven, Westcliff and many others. Each variation has its own modified rules and level of difficulty. 
A very interesting version of the double solitaire, which allows two players to play the solitaire at once, where players try to fill the cells with sequences of cards faster than each other. 
Incredibly strategic solitaire Joker, uses a full deck of cards with jokers. Jokers play the role of free cards, the player has to take more tactical skills and carefully calculate the move.
Klondike solitaire is also popular in casinos, where it is a game of chance with its own rules. Known as Las Vegas solitaire.

The name .

Solitaire Klondike game familiar to almost every inhabitant of the planet. There is no one, who would at least once in his life has not played solitaire. Employees in offices often spend their time playing. Many people know the game under the name Klondike, more often called simply solitaire, which contributed to the computer version of Solitaire. In England, the game is more often called Canfield after the name of the inventor.

The aim of the game

Move all the cards into the boxes, gathering a sequence of the same suit from ace to king. When you fill all the cells with sequences of four suits - you win!


The difficulty of the game to choose for themselves in the settings. 
You can choose to play for time, then, if you finish the game before the main time, you will get extra points. But often, if the game is limited and if you do not have time to complete the layout, you lose, because the extra time in such games is not provided. It is worth trying such settings after reaching a certain experience in the game. 
You can limit the number of additional cards to be dealt, it will make the game much more difficult. After all, if you don't need a card from the deal in a given period, the situation in the game may change by the next round of dealings. You reduce the probability of a winning deal. However, there are players who limit themselves to a single hand of spare deck cards. This option will require a lot of gaming experience and tactical skills.
Basically, there are two types of solitaire difficulty:
Turn 1 - one card each is dealt from the spare deck. This is a simple version of the game and it is recommended to start training with it.
Turn 3 - three cards from the spare deck. This type is more complicated, the chances of winning are reduced threefold.

The layout

Solitaire has a typical triangular layout.
The solitaire uses a deck of 52 cards, with no jokers. The deck of cards contains all four suits. 
The cards are decomposed into seven columns, and in the first column there will be only one card, and in each following column by one card more in ascending order: two, three, four, five, six and seven cards. 
It is possible to move cards in solitaire observing not only value of cards, but also color of its suit. 
The remaining cards after the dealing form a spare deck. Which can be used when all possible movements in columns are finished. 
The top cards of each column are turned face up.
There are 4 cells on the playing field, which should be filled with sequences of the same suit, starting with an ace and ending with a king. In the end you have to collect four suits of the full set of cards.


Solitaire Turn 1 Rules

In columns, cards are moved in decreasing order of value, while respecting the opposite color of suit. For example, the two of clubs can be placed on the three of diamonds or the three of hearts.
Cards in columns, if they are stacked in sequence, you can move a stack to the highest card in value and the opposite color of the suit. For example, 2 of clubs, 3 of diamonds, 4 of spades can be moved stacked to 5 of hearts.
After moving a card or stack of cards, the closed card that was underneath is opened. By opening as many cards as possible, you get new move options and get closer to winning.
You can only put the king on the empty column. And on it then move the cards, respecting the color of suit and value.
From the spare deck of cards open one card at a time and place on the playing field, if there are options for placement. If a card can not be placed, open the next card from the deck and put it on top. This is done until the deck runs out. 
If there are cards left in the spare deck after a full round, turn it face down and continue to deal cards from it. This continues until there are no cards left to be drawn, or the game is deadlocked.
Cells start with an ace, then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, queen and closes the pile with the king - the highest card.
Cells collect a sequence of cards of the same suit.
Cards matching the value of the columns and the spare deck can be moved into the cell. For example, you dealt 2 spades from the deck and the ace of spades is already in the cell. You can immediately move the 2 spades to the ace.
You can move a card from a cell to a column of the playing field. For example, you opened 8 spades from the spare deck. There are no options to move in the columns, but we see 10 clubs in one column, and there is a card of 9 hearts in a cell. We can assemble the sequence by placing 9 hearts on top of 10 clubs, and put 8 spades on top. This scheme is more relevant for solitaire turn 3, it will help open up access to the second card of the three. Gives more options for playing cards.
Carefully watch that the cells are closed by cards evenly. For example, you have a full stack of clubs, but the remaining cells are half full. You have lost the opportunity to use these cards to make sequences. Take your time and think carefully about your move.
As with any solitaire game, solitaire has an undo function. You can cancel your move an unlimited number of times. The undo function applies to card deal moves, card moves between columns, and card moves into cells. 

Solitaire Turn 3 Rules

A more complex variety of solitaire. It requires experience to play, because only every third card is involved in the draw. If you feel confident in your abilities challenge the challenging version of the game.
The rules for moving and filling cells are very similar to those of solitaire turn 1. 
The only difference is that three cards are dealt from the spare deck, but this makes the game much more difficult.

Cards and stacks can be moved to the highest card of the suit of the opposite color.
Cells are filled starting with the ace ending with the king, collecting a sequence of cards in ascending order of value.
An empty column can also be filled with only a king.
Three cards are dealt from the spare deck, you can start playing with only the top card. If you can move the top card, you gain access to the second card and can act on it as well. If there are no moving options, you deal the next three cards.
Continue in this way until the deck runs out. Then they turn it over and start the deal again, until the game is won or a stalemate occurs.


Turn off autoplay and your chances of winning will increase significantly.
Try to open closed cards on the playing field as quickly as possible, increasing the probability of moving cards and more opportunities to win.
Carefully watch that the filled cells do not outrun each other, for example, if you fill two cells completely, you will deprive yourself of additional cards that can be used in combinations. 


Bonuses and Points

Points are awarded based on: the number of moves spent in the game, turn cancellations are also counted, and the time elapsed before the game ends. If the game ends with a victory before the end of basic time, they give bonus points.
There is also a system of Vegas points accrual. You have to deposit $52 at the beginning of the game, one dollar per card. You get access to the giveaway. During the game, you get $5 for a card placed in the box. In the case of a successful draw, your winnings will be $260. This is the same system used by the creator of Canfield for the entertainment of his club's guests.

Probability of success

The probability of winning solitaire turn 1 is quite high, and using the cancel button competently, we can talk about figures of 80-90%. 
The probability of winning in solitare turn 3 is significantly lower, in the game we use only every third card, but there is always a chance to win. Try to go back one, several moves back, change your moves and strive to win.

There are many different card designs, animations and music.
All these details make the game enjoyable, easy and help you get the most out of it.
Solitaire klondike games will teach you patience and develop tactical skills!