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2 suits spider solitaire play free online

Choose 2 suits spider solitaire for a wholesome recreation

This is probably the most popular type of solitaire with two decks. Loved by players for the perfect balance of simplicity and concentration. 
The chance of winning is about 20%. Which is pretty comfortable for an average level.
2 suits spider solitaire is not as simple and easy as 1 suits spider solitaire, but also not as complex and strategic as 4 suits spider solitaire. Many players prefer 2 suits spider solitaire for this very reason.
Playing 2 suits spider solitaire gives the player ease and relaxation. You can have a pleasant time without too much stress.
You can play 2 suits spider solitaire online. Choose the design that suits you and play for free.
For better problem solving the game has a hint function and the cancellation feature. Take advantage of them to win the game!

History of  2 suits spider solitaire

The first mention of the classic version of spider solitaire can be found in the book "The Culbertson's Card Game with Official Rules". Its author is a famous bridge player E. Culbertson. As the basis of spider solitaire, he took the card game popular in France in the 19th century, adjusting the rules. This game as close to familiar and familiar to us variant of spider solitaire.
It is known that 2 suits spider solitaire loved American president Franklin D. Roosevelt.
In the 90's spider solitaire became more common with the development of computer technology. A computer version of spider solitaire first appeared in 1991. Microsoft released the game by including it in Windows. 
The game became widely known throughout the world and immediately fell in love with the players. Each player could adjust the game to his skills, desires and interest. 
There are three known levels of difficulty spider solitaire : 
       1 suits spider solitaire
       2 suits spider solitaire 
       4 suits spider solitaire 
2 suits spider solitaire has become the most chosen version of spider solitaire, it satisfies all the needs of the average player. 
For more comfort and variety, the developers create a variety of card shirt and game table designs. Include in the game additional features. This makes the game more vivid and interesting.

The name  2 suits spider solitaire

They say that the name of the game spider solitaire connected with the spider, which has eight legs and to win the game you need to collect eight stacks of sequences of the same suit. This is the only version about the origin of such an amazing name.

The aim of the game

In 2 suits spider solitaire you need to collect all the cards in a certain sequence: king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, ace. Four stacks of one suit and four stacks of the other. 
The collected stacks are stacked in cells, eight cells must be filled.
Once the eight cells are filled and there are no cards left on the playing field - you win!


In 2 suits spider solitaire use two decks of 52 cards each, without jokers. We end up with a deck of 104 cards.
The game involves two suits, most often using two suits: spades and hearts.
The cards are laid out on the playing table face down in ten columns. The first four columns hold six cards each, the last six columns hold five cards each. The top cards in the columns are flipped face up. 
After dealt, there will be a stack of cards left, which is called a spare. There should be 50 cards left in the spare deck. It is used if there are no more choices on the playing field. 
Above the columns are eight cells in which stacks of cards of the same suit are stacked in a certain sequence. To win the game we need to fill them all.
The main game takes place on the playing field and consists of moving cards between columns and collecting sequences of cards.
The oldest card in the game is the king, and the sequence is collected on it in descending order. The youngest card is the Ace, which closes the collected stack of cards.
The game continues until there are no cards left on the playing field.
Once all eight cells are filled with a sequence of cards - you win!


Game Rules

You can move a card to another card higher in value of any suit. For example, 5 spades can be placed on six hearts or six spades. As much as possible, try to respect your suit when moving. Don't create a mess on your playing field. This will lay a good foundation for a successful game.
You can move an entire stack of cards if the sequencing conditions are met. For example, there is a group of cards in the stack: 5 spades, 6 spades, 7 spades. We can move the whole stack to 8 hearts or 8 spades because the sequence of card ranks is met. Try to collect a sequence of cards of the same suit. Sequences containing different suits cannot be moved!
Only open cards can be moved. Your task is to try to open the maximum number of cards in the columns and you will get new opportunities to make a move.
The king can only be moved to an empty column, or you can collect a sequence of the same suit and send it to a cell.
When you move a card or stack of cards, the bottom card in the column is flipped face up.
When all the cards are moved between columns and there are no more available moves, use a spare deck. Lay out one card in each column face up, covering the top cards in the boxes. Carefully check to see what new moves appear on the playing field after the new cards appear.
There are 50 cards in the stock deck, and you can use it five times the game.
When you move cards, you may have a column empty. Any card or stack of cards stacked in sequence can be placed in the empty space. It is important to use the chance wisely and not to put the first card you see into the empty column.
If there is an empty column on the playing field, no cards from the spare deck are dealt. Be sure to place a card or stack of cards in the empty column and add new cards from the spare deck.
Sequences in descending order from king to ace are collected on the playing field, and only then are moved into the cells.
When you fill all cells with sequences of cards, you win!
If there are no more cards to move and all cards from the spare deck are dealt, the game is deadlocked. Try playing a new layout!
To make things easier, the game has an undo button. When you make a mistake or want to go back a few steps, use the cancel a move button.
Also available in our version of the game is a hint feature. This will give you tips on how to move cards, and will be useful the first steps of the game. But it should also be used by more experienced players. If you do not see possible moves of cards, check yourself with hint function.

Strategy .

Always try to build a sequence of cards of the same suit. Only with them can you play combinations. If you assemble a sequence of different suits, the game will quickly come to a standstill.
Try to open closed cards. To do this, move the cards between columns. You will gain access to new cards. Increase the possible choices of moves.
Try to free a column on the playing field. Evaluate which column will be easier to clear. There are two ways:

Move the cards to other columns, not really respecting the suit of the cards. If successful, having a free column will allow you to arrange your cards.
Do not move your cards to a column that is scheduled for release, even if you have a chance to move.

Plan your play and think about each move. Do not make useless moves. Give preference to moves that will help open a closed card or free a column.
If there are several small sequences on the playing field, move the king to an empty column and assemble a stack of cards. Even if they are different suits, you will significantly unload the playing field by opening up some more new cards. If this option is not possible, place cards in the empty column that you can easily move across the playing field and quickly free the column again.
Maintain order on the playing field, as the opportunity arises to arrange the sequence by suit. Try to collect cards of the same suit in several columns, and use others to collect a sequence of different suits.
Don't rush to use cards from the spare deck, check again to see if all possible moves on the playing field have been made. Use the hint function to see if you missed a possible move.
Actively use the cancel button. It will come in handy when you have two or more options. Use this function to try all the options and choose the best one that will lead you to victory.

Point System.

The 2 suits spider solitaire starts with 500 points and takes off one point for any move on the playing field. Keep in mind that using the undo function will also deduct a point or more, depending on how many turns back you go. One point is awarded for each card that forms a sequence. It is estimated that for the game you can get the maximum possible point 1254. 
Now you know what results to strive for. Keep playing and you'll see your scores improve each time you play.

Probability of success

2 suits spider solitaire is not a very difficult game and has been loved by many players. The probability of success in the game is around 20%. A newcomer will be a bit difficult in the early stages, but carefully studying all the points of the strategy, you can quickly achieve high results. A more experienced player is not difficult to win every third or second game. 
Of course it's impossible to win every 2 suits spider solitaire. Also, a lot will depend on the layout, how lucky it is. One solution you can collect in a short time, without putting much effort, the other will have to think hard. There are some solitaires where it's impossible to make a single move.

2 suits spider solitaire is a great workout for your brain. Improves your tactics and strategy. By practicing this exciting game you are sure to achieve excellent results. 2 suits spider solitaire is the best way to have a healthy and pleasant rest.