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Spider solitaire play free online

Spider solitaire - the best cure for boredom

Play online and for free in the most famous and popular kind of card solitaire.
Start with the simplest level 1 suit solitaire spider and the solitaire will carry you away for a long time. Solitaire spider develops tactics, logic and tests your luck. You can test yourself in any place. 
Today you do not need to download and install the game, it is available online for free and without registration. You can play solitaire spider on any device an unlimited number of times. Start the game now!


The homeland of solitaire is considered France. Many French solitaire books have survived, and many of the terms used in the game are in French. Often they used to make fortune-telling puzzles. They made a wish, if the solitaire came together - the wish will come true, if it did not - the probability of fulfilling the wish is small.
There is also a version that Napoleon Bonaparte invented patience as a remedy for loneliness, when he was in exile on the island of St. Helena.
The first solitaire game available to the computer was developed in Montana in 1989.
But the solitaire spider became widespread with the development of computers. 
Since the 90's began to introduce solitaire in the Windows operating system. Free programs have become popular in offices and homes around the world, where you can lay out the cards with a click of the mouse. There wasn't a single office worker spending time playing solitaire in the workplace. Many companies began to purposely remove solitaire from office computers.
There are a huge number of varieties of solitaire, a variety of card designs, music of the game. And in our time continue to develop new ideas, adding various bonuses to facilitate the game. Over the years, the game has not lost its popularity and millions of people every day enjoy playing it.

The name

The game got its name by association with the spider, which has eight legs and in the game you have to collect eight stacks of sequences.
Perhaps the invention of solitaire spider belongs to E. Culbertson, the famous bridge player. In 1917, he outlined the rules of the game in his book "Culbertson's Card Game with Official Rules.

The aim of the game

Consistently collect cards in descending order from the king to the ace of one suit. It is necessary to collect eight sequences and completely clear the playing field using fewer moves.


There are three levels of difficulty:
  1 suit
  2 suits
  4 suits
As can be seen from the list, in the solution of decks consisting of one or more suits. 
  1 suit spider solitaire is considered the easiest, using 104 cards of one suit, you need to collect eight stacks of cards from the highest to the lowest. Ideal layout for beginners. You will become familiar with the rules and learn how to think tactically.
  2 suits spider solitaire needs 54 cards each of two suits, a more complicated but no less interesting kind. Collect four stacks of each suit.
  And the hardest kind is 4 suits spider solitaire, a deck of 26 cards of four suits. In this layout, you have to get two sequences of the four suits. Not everyone manages to beat this level. Some players admit they've never been able to complete a complex layout.
You should learn from the easiest 1 suit solitaire spider and when you get the hang of it, you can move on to more difficult levels.


Two full decks of 52 cards each, without jokers, split into 10 columns: the first 4 are 6 cards each and 6 columns are 5 cards each. 
All cards are covered, only the top cards are face up. 
The rest of the deck of 50 cards is used as a spare. Dealt cards from it, if there are no more options for the move.
At the top there are usually eight cells, which should be filled with ready consecutively assembled stacks.
The king is taken as the basis of the stack, it is considered the most senior card. 
The youngest card is the ace, it is placed at 2 and closes the sequence.
You shuffle and collect cards of the same suit in descending order: king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, ace. 
As soon as you collect a full column of the same suit, it will automatically move to one of the boxes.
Continue to stack the combinations until the field is empty.
When all the top cells are filled, you win!
Various options are used to make the game easier.
Quite often there is an undo function, which goes back one or more moves. Convenient in the case of a choice between two choices of moves. Use the cancel button, try both options and choose the one that will lead you to victory.
Or the hint function, it will prompt the possible moves and help the newcomer to get the hang of the game faster.

Rules of the game 1 suit solitaire spider

Create a sequence by moving a card to any card whose value is higher. For example, we can move three clubs to four clubs.

You can move several cards, if they are stacked in order, to another higher card. For example, if you have 4, 5, and 6 clubs in one stack, you can move the entire stack to a free 7 of clubs.

When you move a card, the bottom card that was below it in the stack opens face up and you get more opportunities to make a sequence. The more new cards you reveal, the better your chances of finding the right card and putting together the combination.

You can move absolutely any card to the vacated column. 

When there are no more options to move, lay out 10 cards from the spare deck face up one card in each column. This is done 5 times throughout the game as needed. 

When laying out cards from the spare deck, it is often the case that the sequence is covered by another card. For example, your stack of 4 and 5 clubs is closed by the ace of clubs after the deal. You can't move such a stack anymore. Try to move the ace to a suitable card, or free up an empty column and move it there.

Deal cards from the deck and keep moving cards, assembling a series of sequences until there are no choices left.

More often than not, in order to deal cards from the deck, you must cover all columns with cards. Place any card in a free column and deal cards from the deck.

When you have a choice of two or more options for moving a card, try the first one. If it doesn't suit you, use the undo move and try the other options.

2 suits/4suits solitaire spider 

Once you've practiced the simple 1 suit solitaire spider level well, you can begin mastering the more advanced levels.
The rules are virtually the same. The basis of the solution is the same as in the 1 suit solitaire spider. But these layouts require more attention and ingenuity. You should think more carefully about your move.

You can move the lowest cards to the highest of the different suits. For example, 3 of clubs to 4 of spades. 

Shuffle a few cards if they are stacked in order and they are the same suit. For example, a stack of cards consisting of three, four, and five clubs may be shifted to six of clubs or any other suit.

Care should be taken if, for example, you have a stack of 3, 4, and 5 different suits, this group cannot be moved together. That's why you should try to stack sequences of the same suit. To give you an example, we can't stack the cards of 3 clubs, 4 spades, and 5 spades with 6 clubs. We need to remove 3 clubs and then the move will be possible.

You can also put a card of any suit and value in the empty columns.
Adding a suit complicates the game and the slightest mistake can lead to a stalemate. But don't be discouraged; you can always undo one or more moves and play the combination all over again. The complexity of the game adds interest and excitement, but to start to add a suit should be well studied 1 suit spider solitaire.


Strategy of Spider solitaire

The best tactic is to open closed cards. You'll get new cards you need to make combinations, more options for the move. And you should try to free the column. So first of all, dismantle columns with fewer cards. In an empty column, you can move an extra card that interferes with your plan.

Points System

Your score starts at 500 points.
One point is deducted for each card you move. 
You get 100 points for collecting a sequence.
Let's say you have collected 8 sequences.
8 * 100 = 800 
For the whole game you need 75 moves.
500 - 75 + 800 = 1225
Your score for the game is 1225.
Canceling a move also counts as a move and takes away one point, this is also important to consider in the quest for a record.
The more you practice, the better your personal results will be.
Some varieties of solitaire also take into account the passing time of the game. They give bonuses if the main time is left, and vice versa, when you use the extra time to play.

What is the probability of success in solitaire spider 

Success depends on your experience; in the early stages of learning the game, the percentage of winning will be small. But with time your results will improve and you can win every second game of 1 suit solitaire spider, statistically the winning rate is 55-65%, the winning rate of 2 suits solitaire spider is 20-25%. With 4 suits solitaire spider everything is a bit more complicated, the winning percentage is small and equals only 5-10%. Some players say that they have never been able to end up with a victory.

Luck or skill

The game solitaire spider has several thousand combinations. And if one layout can be assembled in minutes, then the other will have to work hard, applying all the skill and skill. But sometimes there is a layout that can't be won no matter what you do. 
The game requires tactics, logical thinking, the ability to calculate two moves ahead. Mastery comes with time, and soon you will learn to collect combinations faster with each layout, complicating your level of play.
Luck plays a big role in the layout when it comes to the choice of moves. But in any case, the cancel button will help the less fortunate.

Do not get upset if you can not win immediately. It's impossible to win every solitaire spider game. It takes a little patience and you will master the game. Solitaire spider will give you pleasant emotions, a feeling of a job well done, distract you from your everyday worries and help you not get bored.